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Ohmazing Art of Healing is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides alternative medical care, behavioral counseling and ongoing support for youths and underprivileged individuals who are faced with health care disparities.  Our mission is to be a healing center for facilitating health, reducing stress, enhancing well-being, honoring personal growth, and expanding spiritual consciousness. We are committed to offering care to those who seek our services, regardless of their status, current health, religious beliefs, or ability to pay. Donations to Ohmazing Art of Healing are considered tax-deductible.

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Cancer Care

Ohmazing Art of Healing promotes healthy mind, body, and spirit for children, youths and adults who are suffering, have suffered, or have lost loved ones to cancer.

Our center provides holistic services as alternative treatments for cancer and to support those undergoing radiation or chemo treatments. We are determined to educate people on their ability to heal their bodies with holistic practices, including herbs and supplements, art, color therapy, sound therapy, singing bowls, aromatherapy, yoga and meditation groups.

We also offer networking with survivors so that they can share their journeys and treatments that helped them survive. Gaining a deeper knowledge of how to strengthen oneself is half the battle. We believe that with a balanced mind, body, and spirit, people can create well being and happiness in their lives. We believe that fear should not be part of the equation in choosing the right treatment for cancer. Join us in the fight to enlighten and embrace better treatment practices.

Children with Chronic Illness

Ohmazing contributes to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual welfare of children and youth by offering workshops, coaching and alternative healing to children and youths who have a chronic illness or condition. Our services also extend to the parents as their sacrifices and tireless commitment to their children can come at a cost to their health as well. We work with bodywork practitioners, massage therapists, reiki healers, and several other practitioners to offer a variety of healing modalities  When a family heals together the effects are amplified considerably. 


Healing News

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