About Us - Ohmazing Art of Healing

Story & Origins

We believe that helping one is helping all.

Our origin begins with our founder Nader Razi, who lost his mother to breast cancer many years ago. He then created the healing center as a survivor of colon cancer, to practice these modalities, educate and share their own journeys.

Our reach in the community is expanding with qualified people of service choosing to invest themselves to the cause. These include masters of their craft Deane Hartwell, Antonio Fahme, Oksana Popovski, Luliana Scheir and Amelia Huerta,

The impact of our organization grows by the day, as does our
willingness to care for one another.

Who We Work With

Cancer patients and their families

Mental Health Issues

Suicidal thinking



Chronic Pain

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Children and young adults with Autism

Children and young adults with Down’s Syndrome

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Dr. Farnaz Sharif-Razi

Dr. Farnaz Sharifrazi is a co-founder and the president of Ohamazing Art of Healing. Her
background in higher education, business, and technology brings human, social and
organizational capital to the center. She has secured funds for the growth of the organization and
focuses on programs and financial health of the center.

Nader Razi

Nader started Ohmazing Art after beating colon cancer. He retired from being an aerospace engineer to pursue his love and passion for painting. He never imagined it would be more than something he wanted to bring himself joy after the scare of death.

He has always been passionate about helping others. His experience led him to research and learn about alternative cancer-fighting methods. He has networked with other survivors, or as we call them around here… Warriors.

Through his art, he has brought joy to so many and now has the opportunity to educate others and provide alternative holistic treatments through his healing center.

His positive energy is like a beam of light that helps many to heal. His art and creativity help fund future goals for the center. Nader truly believes in self-empowerment in order to become healthy and spiritually whole. Please join in his effort to educate and empower others. 

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Less Stressful Day

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